Mist Waterless Oil Diffuser

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Mist by Pasaj Perfume. Subtle ambiance.

A waterless fragrance oil diffuser, Mist converts fragrance oil into fine particles and safely diffuses them without diluting them in water. Unlike ultrasonic humidifiers, the properties of the oils are not damaged during the atomization and maintain a consistent scent profile throughout an interior space.

Mist can be used with any essential oil of your choice or pair it with one of our Diffuser Oil blends.

Diffusion area: 250 - 500 square feet
Capacity: 5 - 20ml (Includes an empty 20ml bottle)
Consumption: .6ml per hour at 120s setting
Standby battery:  72 hours
Charge: USB
Body: Black aluminum
Button function: Touch
Product size: 71.5mm x 121mm
Feature: Ambient bottom light